Super 6 Cup Cricket Tournament

No matter where ever the Indians are living, there are only three main things which connect them.

  1. Cricket
  2. Cricket
  3. Cricket

Keeping this in mind and because of the upcoming IPL season, we – the Indian people in Shanghai decided to organize a cricket tournament.

Initially, we formed eight different teams by doing Player Auctions, without involving money, We had 8 teams with a maximum of 8 players in each team.

Because of the limited hours and the ground availability, we kept some crazy rules like each inning will be of maximum 5 overs. For the first four overs, every wide and no balls will be counted (no re-bowl) but four runs will be awarded. Last over was like normal cricket over, where wide or no balls were counted with four runs and it was allowed to re-bowl. So the game was much more dependent on the bowler’s skills, than to the batsman’s efforts.

Team Captains and team names are as follows (as per the Captain name’s Alphabetical order):

  1. Anupam – Royal Sluggers
  2. Bhargav – Dhamakedar
  3. Bhaskar – La Cite Strikers
  4. Govind – Blue Friends
  5. Harit – Ball Busters
  6. Naga – The Mighty Smashers
  7. Naren – Total Backchod
  8. Navin – Silky Wrists

The tournament was organized on 25th March 2017, Saturday and started at 9:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm. The winners were Naga’s team – The Mighty Smashers and the Runners up were Harit’s team – Ball Busters. There were also special prizes for the Best Bowler -, Best Batsman – and one to Avinash who gave constant support for scoring and managing the event. It was held at ZhangJiang Sports Center, Near GuangLanLu Subway Station (Line 2, Exit 4).

The IPL tune, Bollywood songs, and individual performances were adding “Josh” (Passion)  and “Junoon” (Obsession) throughout the tournament.

A much thanks to all the beautiful girls out there who provided constant support and cheered up through the entire event! They came up with the banners of Fours and Sixes with their favorite teams.

Because of the special efforts of our Organizers – especially Sriram Rajangam Sir and Avinash, we managed to get the awesome figure licking Vegetarian / Chicken Biryani from Rangoli Indian Restaurant for our lunch.

Once the tournament was over, we also had a post-match discussion. Here is the discussion clipping between Anant and Harit, captain of the runner’s up team. The others in the video are Sri Ram Sir and Avinash.


Special Drone Coverage:

Unlike IPL, we also had the coverage by Drone, you can have a look at this video. Special thanks to Henry – from Bhasker’s team who brought his drone and captured few mesmerizing events.


Organizing Team:

Sriram Rajangam Sir and Anant

The Organizers


Neutral Scorer and all over support



Naga’s Team - The Mighty Smashers

They chased 48 runs in 3.2 overs. Rewarded with the cash prize of 1800 RMB

Runners Up

Harit’s Team – Ball Busters.

They scored 47 runs in 5 overs. Rewarded with the cash prize of 1200 RMB

Best Bowler

Bhasker Jaiswal

7 wickets in 3 matches. Rewarded with the cash prize of 200 RMB

Best Batsman


Scored 92 Runs in 4 matches. Rewarded with the cash prize of 200 RMB

Neutral Scorer and for overall support


He received a cash reward as a token of appreciation.

Special Thanks

  • Henry – for his Drone coverage.

Event Supported By:


Indian Cuisine and Bar

Friday Grocery Shop

Imported Foods and Baking