71st Independence Day celebrated in Shanghai – Tricolor unfurled at Indian Consulate premises

71st Independence Day celebrated in Shanghai – tricolor unfurled at Indian Consulate premises

71st Independence Day

Consulate General of India in Shanghai hosted the 71st Independence Day celebrations earlier in the morning at the Indian Consulate premises today. Consul General Prakash Gupta unfurled the tricolor and read out excerpts from Hon’ble President’s address to the nation.

71st Independence Day


71st Independence Day


71st Independence Day


71st Independence Day


71st Independence Day


2.    A large number of members of the Indian community turned up to participate at the flag hoisting celebrations. Shri Tarun Vijay, President of the India China Parliamentary Group of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), and Former Member of Parliament also joined in to participate in the flag hoisting celebrations.

71st Independence Day

During the flag hoisting event, members from Indian community rendered patriotic songs.


71st Independence Day

An informal gathering over light refreshment at Consulate’s Culture & Exhibition Hall followed the event. Several members of the Indian Associations in Shanghai, as well as students from different Universities in Eastern China also joined in to participate in the flag hoisting celebrations.



Article is copied from the official website of Indian Consulate, Shanghai. http://www.indianconsulate.org.cn/slide.php?id=211. Minor changes have been made.

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68th Republic Day Celebrations in Shanghai

68th Republic Day Celebration in Shanghai

The Consulate General of India, Shanghai would like to cordially invite members of the Indian Community in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu to celebrate the 68th Republic Day of India at the Consulate on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 at 0730 hrs (sharp).

The Flag Hoisting ceremony to mark the 68th Republic Day will be held at the entrance area of the Shanghai International Trade Centre (SITC) premises, No.2201, Yan’An Road (West) as per the following Program:

  • 0730 : Guests assemble in the ground floor of the SITC Building (where the Consulate is located)
  • 0745-0750 : Flag Hoisting by the Consul General followed by National Anthem.
  • 0750 – 0815 : Consul General will read out President’s Message to the Nation.
  • 0815 -0830 : Patriotic songs by members of Indian Community (TBC)
  • 0830-0930 : Reassemble at the Consulate hall on 10th Floor (Room no.1001) for light refreshments.

Address & the location of the Consulate is as below

1008, Shanghai International Trade Centre,
2201 Yan An (West) Road

For any further clarification please feel free to get in touch with Consul Aparna Ganesan at Tel : +86 -18939956907 , email: ccons@indianconsulate.org.cn

We look forward to welcoming you at the 68th Republic Day Celebrations on 26th January 2017.

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