Longshang Vegetable Wholesale Market

155 Beidi Road
North side of the Hongqiao Airport.
Everything vegetable you buy at the wet market in Puxi probably comes from here.

Caojiadu Wholesale Flower Market 

1148 Changshou Road
On the north east corner of Wanhangdu Road and Changshou Road
Take note, there is a flower and bird market in the front. To access the wholesale market, head to the building in the back.
One of the big suppliers of tulips told me that although this market is relatively small, it sells more flowers than any other market in Shanghai. Buy flowers by the bundle for cheaper than you can buy a few alone. The wholesale market closes early, around 4pm.

Jinsheng International Home Deco and Hotel Supply Market

185 Tongchuan Road
Near Langao Station of line 7
North east, central part: Housing supply, more along the lines of designer and branded lines, not exactly wholesale; doors, flooring, bathroom, beds, windows, kitchens, building supply etc.
Back and western part: hotel supply; equipment, supplies, dishes, uniforms, etc.
*Note, a separate building in the south west corner is also hotel supply.

Stationary and Business Supply Wholesale Market 

1108 Zhongshan North Road
South West corner of Zhongshan North Road and Hutai Rd. Main entrance on Hutai Rd.
Paper products, pens, envelopes, business equipment, etc.

Shanghai International Packaging and Printing City

1111 Zhennan Road, Putuo
A market devoted to printing and packaging of all sorts.

Imported Wholesale Foods

1255 Lianhua Rd, Minghang District
Mix of Imported and local foods including; dairy products (butter, cheese, etc), baking ingredients, all nuts, spices, condiments, flours, canned goods, sugars, chocolates, etc. This is the place to go. The imported American, European, Indian, and other goods mainly on the south end of the market.

HEC – Hotel & Restaurant Supply

345 Aomen Lu, Putuo District
Hotel & restaurant supplies. Popular and well known in the expat community for its selection and clean and professional shopping environment. Take note of the other wholesale shops off the street directly to the east of this place.

Caoyang Wholesale Fruit Market

1366 Caoyang Rd, Putuo District
Largest (its HUGE) wholesale fruit market in Puxi, both Chinese and Imported fruits

Tongchuan Marine Market

800 Tongchuan Rd, Putuo District
Anything that lives in the water (watch out for the eel aisle). There is a small hotel supply and dry goods market on the west side and set back in on the north end.

Huanghai Frozen Foods Market

38 Beishi Rd, Putuo District
Imported and Chinese meats: beef, pork, poultry (turkeys), fish, etc.

Jiuxing Comprehensive Market

闵行区九星综合市场Minhang District
Southeast block of Caobao Lu and Hongshen Lu, Minhang District
Building materials, hardware, kitchen, bed & bath, furniture, hotel & restaurant supplies, fire & security, office supplies, signs, other. This place is huge and has its own internal road names with traffic lights and everything. You can find just about anything related to the above categories. Everything here is wholesale.

New Century Automobile Parts City 

416 Changhe Rd (the block north west of Zhennan Rd and Changhe Rd)
Mainly has parts, supplies, and accessories for all types of bikes (bicycle, electric, motor). Go here to find neon lights for your electric bike, a soft seat, or that pink matte finish on your Vespa scooter.


Baoshan Audio & Video City (Electronics) (reconfirmed Nov, 2014)
111 Baoshan Rd
Not a true wholesale market, but they specializes in second hand electronic goods and repairs
Mobile phones, computers, cameras, printers, stereo equipment (KTV), you can even buy a taser.